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I have worked with NGOs and nonprofits around the world, and can testify that Anne Marie is one of the most talented fundraising advisors I have encountered. She is not only superb at the strategies and tactics, but — perhaps even more importantly — has an innate talent at building a culture of philanthropy within an organization and its board.

Bill Toliver

Founder & Executive Director,

The Matale Line

Anne Marie quickly identified concrete strategies to help me focus on fundraising and walked me through each step of implementing that strategy. She is thoughtful, experienced, intelligent and authentic — an excellent listener who balances respecting what I feel comfortable with and pushing my boundaries.

Angeline Thomas

Executive Director,

Washington Appleseed

Anne Marie’s down-to-earth manner put everyone on our very diverse board instantly at ease. She walked us through every step of getting ready for a campaign, including structural changes and board training. Rather than a formulaic approach, she helped us design our campaign to start from exactly where we were – a new organization with an ambitious goal, but lacking a deep base of donors. ... Throughout the ups and downs of the effort, Anne Marie’s constant encouragement was invaluable to me as Executive Director.

Amy Stork

Former Executive Director,


Tom Venable


Methow Valley School District

Anne Marie possesses an exceptional ability to bring people from diverse backgrounds with unique perspectives together in support of a common cause. ... Her skillful facilitation promoted an inclusive and transparent process, resulting in a clear direction, positive energy, and momentum forward toward a set of actionable solutions.
Anne Marie is such a great sounding board, such a voice of reason. She has helped me learn a new “language” — a vocabulary that’s made me 100 times more confident talking about our organization’s value proposition. A lot of people get hung up on finding the right words to make the ask. Anne Marie has showed me how simple it really is. It all comes down to telling a story about the opportunity a donor has to be a part of an exciting project.

Don Linnertz

Executive Director,


Anne Marie is a seasoned professional who knows how to identify strengths and weaknesses in an organization’s fundraising approach, and she works collaboratively to set a course for the future. After the Museum completed Phase I fundraising as part of a long and challenging capital campaign, Anne Marie helped us reorganize and develop the plan for Phase II to ensure that our board, our community and our donors would understand that our work was not finished. Her insight in developing Phase II messaging was invaluable.” 

Patty Belmonte
Executive Director
Hands On Children’s Museum

Christina Madden
Director of Engagement,
Criterion Institute

Anne Marie has a remarkable ability to understand an organization, its unique position, unique needs, and unique culture. She gets us thinking about our systems and helps us develop strategies and processes to achieve our fundraising  goals by focusing on what matters most: relationship-building.
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