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Capacity Rising works with organizations to develop sound strategies for successful campaigns that lead to transformative results — for your organization and for the good you do in the world. 

Capital Campaigns

& Major Gifts

Gearing up for a Capital Campaign or launching a Major Gifts program can feel daunting, with good reason. It's a huge undertaking. The future of your organization depends on it.  With expert guidance, you can map out strategies not just to meet your campaign's fundraising goals, but also to renew your staff and supporters' sense of purpose and passion about your cause. Our Capital Campaign and Major Gifts services include:

  • Pre-campaign planning

  • Feasibility studies

  • Development audits

  • Campaign counsel

  • Board and staff training

Capital Campaigns

Community Needs 


Before you launch into a campaign, an in-depth Community Needs Assessment can give you and your staff a clearer vision of your path to bringing about positive change. To deepen your knowledge of the problems you're working so hard to solve, we'll lead you through: 

  • Goal setting & action planning

  • Steering committee facilitation

  • Focus groups

  • Community conversations

  • 1:1 interviews

Community Needs Assessments

 Staff & Executive Coaching

Many Capacity Rising clients benefit from Staff and Executive Coaching that focus on relationship-building. Meeting weekly or monthly, over the phone or in person, you'll get both philosophical and practical guidance for leading positive and productive conversations with donors. It's all about zeroing in on your donors' unique interests, and the impact they want to make through their gifts.

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